SCI’s first virtual Youth Leadership Summit was a success, as 34 student leaders came together to create 4 distinct, impactful projects. Focusing on the theme, “Solving Today’s Problems to build a Better Tomorrow”, students worked together to become future leaders and use their exposure in global challenges to create solutions that would be able to be implemented in their own communities. As SCI empowers young people to think globally, spurring a new generation of citizen diplomats and volunteers who become instrumental in promoting peace, mutual respect, and prosperity, these high-school aged youths around the world developed decision making and leadership skills.

With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing in communities around the world, students used UN SDGs to develop a path towards success and prosperity.

See our youth leaders and the Youth Leadership Summit below!

Desmond Alugnoa - Green Africa Youth Organization

Devankar Mukhi

SCI 2021 AC - Panel 1

Group 1 Presentation

Group 2 Presentation

SCI 2021 AC - Annual Meeting

Kevin Intro SDG 3 and Dr. Choucair Remarks

Kevin Intro SDG 7 and 12, Mayor Turner and Christopher Olson Remarks

Leroy Introduction and Deputy Secretary Marten Remarks

Mildred Intro and Dara Kashayar Poem Reading

Leroy Introduction and Deputy Secretary Marten Remarks

Mildred Intro SDG 10 and 16, Tiffany James