The Youth Leadership Summit is designed to engage the next generation of leaders and introduce them to the world of international affairs.

Through a specialized diplomatic simulation, site visits, speaker sessions, and peer collaboration, participants will learn how different national interests drive international cooperation on critical issues.

The Youth Leadership Summit (YLS) will provide students with effective problem solving strategies, leadership skills, and insights into international affairs.

Students will experience a taste of college life by lodging in dorms. Chaperones will supervise the students throughout the Summit.

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Past Youth Leadership Summits


SCI’s first virtual Youth Leadership Summit was a success, as 34 student leaders came together to create 4 distinct, impactful projects. Focusing on the theme, “Solving Today’s Problems to build a Better Tomorrow”, students worked together to become future leaders and use their exposure in global challenges to create solutions that would be able to be implemented in their own communities. As SCI empowers young people to think globally, spurring a new generation of citizen diplomats and volunteers who become instrumental in promoting peace, mutual respect, and prosperity, these high-school aged youths around the world developed decision making and leadership skills. With the COVID-19 pandemic ongoing in communities around the world, students used UN SDGs to develop a path towards success and prosperity.

Click below to view the recordings of our YLS 2021 Summit